Saturday, 1 June 2013

Marketing Your Music: Part 1

From Kanye West to Kodaline, many artists have had a great 2013 so far and had their music broadcasted to millions across the world. Some have gone the traditional route of buying every ad space possible on the internet and TV while others have taken a road much less travelled by (most famously Mr West but we will get back to that later). Musicians make music for many reasons, but the majority will say they just want their music to be heard by as many people as possible, and they will go to great lengths to make that possible

Justin Timberlake made many TV appearances to promote his latest album

The music industry has changed beyond recognition in the last 10 years, and so has the way the music itself is discovered and shared. Gone are the days of swapping CD's and going to dingy pubs to watch new bands, nowadays you can find 'the next big thing' before you even get out of bed in the morning! I know Napster and Kazaa and other file sharing programs had been out for a long time, but it was MySpace and Bebo who were the first platforms who really gave small and big bands alike a place to share their music directly with their fans.

Bands of the moment, Kodaline and Little Green Cars can still be found on bebo, along with some great songs from their pasts. Both of these Irish talents have enjoyed an astronomical ascent to the top with the latter going from small school halls to the desert heat of Coachella. I've been lucky enough to know about Little Green Cars for a few years now, they have got to where they are by using the tried and tested method of gigging and writing so much, that somebody was bound to take notice, and that sure has worked with festival slots at Lollapalooza and Benicassim coming up. Kodaline is also an interesting case, two months ago nobody really knew them but that has all changed. Whoever their manager is has done an incredible job, with their songs being played on Grey's Anatomy and TV advertisements all over the globe.

People complain about there being no good music anymore, which is clearly not the case, you just need to go look for it. Someone who took this idea to the next level recently is our resident nutjob Kanye West, who brought his music to the public whether they liked it or not. No matter how much people like to hate on the man, he's a genius on the music and business front. He recently projected his new single onto buildings in 66 locations worldwide, including prisons, baseball stadiums and even castles. This video was taken in his hometown of Chicago, USA

It's a simple idea but it is also different, and it got people talking. And that is what it's all about really, having an idea or song that's different to what's been put out already. Before this stunt he has previously tweeted the words ''June Eighteen''. With over 9 million followers this mysterious tweet caused a frenzy of speculation with more than 17,000 retweets. Now, obviously not all bands are going to have as many followers as one of the most (in)famous artists of this generation but that doesn't mean bands can't use the same social media sites to get their music heard.

 Facebook has a special page for bands in which they can upload their music, pictures and bios. With their recent purchase of Parse, Facebook hope to synchronize a number of different apps through the Parse ecosystem and encourage users to check out their services. Twitter on the other hand have not been able to break into the music industry yet,with their much hyped #music app failing miserably. Twitter can obviously still be used effeectively, to update band news, create excitement and talk directly to fans. A fine example of this is Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, with over a million followers the frontman has been celebrated for his relationship with fans, even going to such lengths as making surprise phonecalls to some lucky 30STM followers. Engaging with fans is what makes Twitter special, and for any bands trying to become a success is is crucial they cover all social media bases.

I might make a part 2 of this post in the future because there is still a lot more to talk about, also if you have been cool enough to read this far if you click on the band names of those mentioned you'll be brought to some of my favourite songs of each one, enjoy!

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