Monday, 4 February 2013

Super Bowl Sunday and more

114,700,000   - The number of American viewers that watched last nights game

$4,000,000     - The amount a 30 second commercial cost during the game

$12,000,000,000 - The amount spent on food and Super Bowl related merchandise

With figures like this, it's no wonder that the world's top marketers look forward to Super Bowl Sunday every year!

Well with the hangover from last night finally clearing up I've found some time to write this post. (By the way watching America's biggest sporting event of the year in an Irish bar in Spain has to be one of the more unique nights I've had here!)

After talking to a few Americans last night I was surprised at the amount of people who were more excited about the commercials than the game itself. I had never watched it before and never knew there was such hype over it. But I understand now. With 114 million people all tuned in to the one channel, it's the perfect opportunity to advertise your company or product to the masses (If you can fork out a couple of million dollars that is) Seeing as a time slot comes at such a cost it makes sense that the commercials are usually very entertaining and amusing, although this one from Go Daddy was just weird!

It got me thinking about how although there has been a huge shift from the more traditional  mediums of marketing to the social media platforms, good old fashioned commercials still reign king. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have only been around for a few years in comparison with the age old method of bombarding your target audience with sleek ads between TV shows

Though I ask myself, does it go too far? Wherever you go you will see billboards, posters and everything in between. True, events such as the Super Bowl, Champions League Final and World Cup Final have huge economic benefits for wherever they are but even if you wanted to escape it, you couldn't.

Although marketing and advertising is what really interests me in terms of a career, I do also see the other side, where I believe things should be regulated. People should have a choice over what images they are shown every day, but they don't. When I'm walking by an amazing ancient cathedral in the heart, I don't want to see an big sign for Burger King, but unfortunately I do. Although I would love to be working on some of these commercials in a big city like London or New York in the future, I still have the other side of me who wants to live by a beautiful beach away from it all

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