Monday, 21 January 2013

The Best Advert of All-Time!

Between moving into a new apartment and 'studying' for exams I have had my hands full, this post came out a lot later than I wanted.  Anyway here it is....

Television ads have always intrigued me, I was always sceptical as to whether or not they even worked. However, once I did some some research I've come to the conclusion that they do play an important role in promoting a product and it's brand. $70 billion is spent on adverts every year, those sort of figures really don't lie, they must work right? I think people often don't want to believe they can be influenced that easily, but honestly I think they can. Businesses don't expect people to go out straight away and buy the product they have just seen on TV, what the ads do is create a positive image in the consumer's mind, they create a buzz and soon people find themselves having conversations about said product's latest advertisement.

Mark Zuckerberg (yeah, him again) said recently that ''the best type of advertising is a message from a friend''. Now if anyone has ever studied business at school, you will learn in the chapter about Communication that verbal messages are often garbled and inaccurate. I would argue that there is nothing better than a visually pleasing or entertaining TV advert that will get everybody hyped about it. P.s it's really going to seem like I'm a Zuckerberg hater, I'm really not though!

 After discussions over tapas with a few friends, I have chosen some of the most talked about clips of all time.

The following always comes up when this topic is discussed. Not only did Sony do a great job making it visually stunning, but every aspiring guitarist set out to learn Jose Gonzalez' ''Heartbeats'', a song that would have been almost unknown if it were not for Sony. This really does capture the idea of what Sony was trying to communicate about it's product

Beer companies always make fun and interesting ads that get people talking. This one just brings me back to the days of being 13 or 14 saying wassssssuuuuupppppp whenever I got the chance (you know you did it too!)

I honestly didn't want to include this next one but a lot of people recommended it. Frankly, Lynx's advertising bores me. I imagine the meetings they have to be similar to the schoolyard conversations one would hear if listening to a group of teenage boys. There is nothing clever or visually impressive about them, nonetheless, here it is

Carlsberg really got it right with their series of ''Carlsberg don't do x, but if we did, it would probably be the best x in the world'' ads. That saying is now almost embedded into society and you will always see it come up as a joke on Facebook or Twitter. This is a great example of creating a good catchphrase that people will always remember.

To end with, I had to choose an Irish advert. Every year on the 23 of September, all around Ireland you will hear people toasting to Martha and to llamas,all because of this ad. I really do feel sorry for any girl named Martha on that day, but sure all in the name of the craic! 

There were many other contenders that just missed out, Nike's cage football and stickman ads, Coke's legendary 'now it feels like Christmas time' ode to Santa, Honda's rube Goldberg and many others. People may argue that ads don't affect them at all, but you have just spent the last few minutes reading this (or not) and watching the videos so I guess they do!

If you think some other ads should have been in my list let me know and you can follow me @MulryanD

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